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Dota 2 Cheats.
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Hero automation, combo optimization, HUD hacks and other black magic. Even in ranked games.

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Hero hacks &

Hero assemblies use the abilities of your hero in the best way possible to maximize damage and kill as many enemies as possible by automating gameplay.


Auto block script for the beginning of the game.

Meepo mid hero

Killing enemy mid hero in the begininning of the game.

Meepo teamfight

Owning and auto controlling.

Pudge auto hook

Pudge auto hook with blink.

Sniper Orbwalking

Sniper orbwalking.

And many more...

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Universal Utilities
& HUD-hacks

Our utilities give you game changing informations about your enemies or even show them to you, when usually invisible.


Automatically dodges enemy abilities.

Enemy spells

See enemy spells through fog of war.

Gank alarm

Detects smoke and more.

Teleport scrolls

See teleport scrolls through fog of war.

And many more...

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Rocksolid account protection

To avoid that your accounts get banned we use black magic to prevent valve from detecting you after updates.

Ensage update time <24 hours

After detecting an update of the game we usually make you able to play the next game in less than 24 hours.

Be part of an ever growing community.

To ensure that ensage is always fitting to the needs and wishes of our userbase perfectly, you get access to our community features, used by over 500 active players.

Feature Request

You are missing hero support or a specific function? Just let us know.

Help Center

If you need any help with setting up or using our software, you can check our help system or ask our staff directly.


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